Water Decaf (single estate)

Water Decaf (single estate)

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Tasting Notes - Light and sweet water decaffeinated.Recommend for espresso.

Origin - Brazil (Cerrado, Sul de minas)

The objective with this selection is to give back the pleasure of drinking coffee to those people who choose or need to avoid caffeine. To meet this objective, LDPC developed this single origin, 100% Brazilian and water decaffeinated coffee.

The water caffeine removal process is a gentle, 100% chemical free process which preserves all the qualities of the coffee. To remove caffeine, the beans are exposed to steam, soaked in water (containing the compounds to be preserved), carbon filtered and then dried in ovens.

The light and mellow taste of our water decaffeinated coffee will astonish you as well as the lack of any unpleasant flavors which often come prominently through the cup when drinking decaffeinated coffees.