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San Luis & Raigode (two estate blend)

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Tasting Notes - Intense aroma with cocoa and spices notes and sandalwood scents. Low acidity and long lasting flavor. Recommend for espresso and espresso drinks.

Origin - El Salvador (Finca San Luis), India (Raigode Estate)

This combination combines the arabica coffee of the Finca San Luis (El Salvador) with the robusta of the Raigode estate (India).

The aromatic character, the mild acidity and the general balance of the Salvadorian coffee of San Luis meet the round bodied Indian robusta of the Balehonnur estate.

The result are long lasting spices and a cocoa flavored finish in a smooth bodied coffee.

Best enjoyed at breakfast or after opulent meals. Perfect with milk, in particular for cappuccino.

This combination of estate coffees contains only CSC® – Associazione Caffè Speciali Certificati certified coffees: on each bag you will find a numbered anti-counterfeiting label that guarantees the sole use of CSC certified coffees.